Freedom Tower 2 Piece Set (2) 12"x18" inch Gallery Wrapped Canvas Wall Art, Anthony Abercrombie Original Photographs Normally $300 For a Limited time Priced at $200 for the set of 2!

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Freedom Tower 2 Piece Set

Where once there stood 2, now there is one. Several years ago construction was completed on the new tower that replaced the Twin World Trade Center Towers. This Wall Art is a 2 piece set of canvases taken at various times of day and from different angles of the magnificent Freedom Tower in the World Trade Center Complex. These 12"x18" inch gallery quality cityscape canvases are ready for hanging, yours to enjoy for years to come. For a limited time we are offering our wall art at $100 savings, normally $300.00 for the set of 2, now just $200.00!

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