Purple Super Moon #1 20"x16" inch High Quality Metal Wall Art, an Anthony Abercrombie Original Photograph For A Limited Time $400

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Purple Super Moon #1

Have you ever just stopped and stared at the Moon? For generations the moon has fascinated humanity, and for good reason. Unique in that is is one of the few heavenly bodies that is in tidal lock with it's host planet, and for that reason we never get to see the "dark side" of the moon. But a "Super Moon" is a full moon that is closest to Earth and appears even bigger than normal. Purple Super Moon #1 has hues of violet, purple, plum, Naples yellow light, titanium white with a hint of cerulean blue. This Metal Wall Art is a 20"x16" inch high quality print ready for hanging, yours to enjoy for years to come. (Reduced Shipping!)

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